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Exploration of The Derivative Design of "New Shanghai Style"Abstract Painting Art in Fashion Context

2018/11/2 16:41:10

Abstract: With the aim of creating Shanghai as the“City of Design”and“City of Creativity”, the paper conducts a study of cross-border integration of abstract painting and fashion design, and explores the derivative design of“new Shanghai style”abstract painting, so as to let art integrate with …

Design and Manufacturing Process of Pleat in Modern Dress

2018/11/2 16:37:52

Abstract: Based on the modern Han women’s dresses in the Folk Costumes Museum of Jiangnan University, this paper studies the pleats of the modern dress in China. Through the measurement of the skirt, this paper analyzes the design of the pleats in modern skirts and the manufacturing process of the r…

Research on the Application of RFID Electronic Ticket Technology in Garment Production

2018/11/2 16:36:29

Abstract: Given the continue pursue to stable production and quality ensurance, RFID electronic ticket technology is gradually being introduced and favored. This paper focuses on the defects of using traditional ticket in the production and processing. Based on the product layout process, creating pr…

Application of Tea-Zen Culture in Fashion Design

2018/9/20 17:22:58

Abstract: Through the interpretation of the origin, development and connotation of the tea-Zen culture, the paper finds its application thought in fashion garment, expresses the tea-Zen culture in a fashion innovated way via the modern design language, and explores the possibilities and new ideas of …

Research on Functional Infant Clothing Design Based on Kansei Engineering

2018/9/20 17:21:49

Abstract: The paper discusses how to use kansei engineering principles to design functional infant clothing,and uses consumer-aided decision-making systems to analyze consumers' perceptual images on multiple levels. With in-depth discussion from the four perceptual concepts of safety, comfort, functi…

Misunderstanding Analysis of Adultification in Children‘s Wear Design in China

2018/8/16 13:28:27

Abstract: Based on the research of development status, this paper explains the problems and reasons in the design of children's wear in China, and analyzes the three main misunderstandings of adultification in children's wear design, explores the ideas and methods of children's wear design. Hope to p…

Application of Deconstruction on the Functional Apparel Design

2018/8/16 13:27:31

— A Case Study of Baby Sleeping Bag Abstract: Based on the case study of baby sleeping bag, the paper analyzes the application of basic methods of deconstruction on the functional apparel design. Reorganize the structure of sleeping bag and convert it into an outdoor suit, combining with the sensors…

Study on the Sustainable Design Strategies in Apparel Design

2018/8/16 13:26:01

Abstract: Sustainable design is a positive response to current environmental issues and has become a popular design approach. The paper studies the sustainable design in apparel design through the literature research method and the case analysis method. In the sustainable design strategy of apparel, …

Application of Chinese Flower-and-bird Painting’s Elements in Clothing Design Based on Digital Thermal Transfer Printing Technology

2018/6/13 10:03:13

Abstract: Clothing is regarded as the mobile cultural label, externalizing people's spiritual world. The clothing whose design and production displays unique Chinese national cultural characteristics, benefits the heritage and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Based on Chinese flo…

Construction of Multi-dimensional Evaluation Model for Clothing Aesthetics

2018/6/13 10:02:20

Abstract: Clothing aesthetics is affected by many subjective and objective factors. For a long time, related objective and reliable evaluation criteria and methods are not available. In order to explore an objective and comprehensive evaluation method, this paper analyzes five evaluation dimensions o…
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