Apparel Technology

Design and Development of a Thermal Garment Material Based on Plasma Metal Plating

2019/4/15 17:33:14

Abstract: When facing extremely cold weather, or having winter outdoor activities for the whole day, to wear conventional winter clothing may not be adequate to keep warm in the harsh environment. A thermal garment with conductive function is an effective solution. At present, the thermal functional …

A Brief Discussion on the Female Costumes in the Tomb Murals in the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties(AD 220 — 589)

2019/4/15 17:32:26

Abstract: With the development of archeological excavation, a large number of mural paintings during the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties were unearthed, which made up for the insufficient historical information about the costume in this period. Quite a few scholars have conducted researches…

Design and Application of Digital Printing in Silk Garments

2019/3/18 13:33:06

Abstract: With the development of modern computer technology, digital printing has attracted much attention in the field of clothing. It has the characteristics of low pollution, low consumption, low emission and high added value. Under the background of the rapid development of technology and art, h…

Sewing Process Design and Application of Shirt Collar Based on Template Technology

2019/2/25 16:57:22

Abstract: As a new-type technology, garment template is now widely used in garment processing companies.The paper mainly introduced the basic principles of the design and manufacture of the template sewing process for shirt collar, made a comparison between the sewing process of traditional shirt col…

Research on Structure Innovation of Shoulder Sleeve Styling in Threedimensional Cutting Practice

2019/2/25 16:55:20

Abstract: In order to better combine the artistry and technology of shoulder sleeve modeling in professional practice, higher technical requirements for design innovation are put forward in the garment market oriented by original design. The paper expounded the structure principle and basic form of t…

Analysis of Fold Technique in Garment Design

2019/1/10 17:13:10

Abstract: Drape art runs through the whole process of costume modeling and fabric design, which can be regarded as classic in design elements. Under the impact of the new art trend and the integration of culture,the folding art method is constantly pushing forward the old and bringing forth the new. …

Analysis of Related Factors Influencing New Prototype Sleeve Structure

2019/1/10 17:04:54

Abstract: In this paper, the related factors influencing the sleeve of the new prototype are analyzed by making samples and constructing theoretical models. According to the research, the factors of sleeve matching vary with the body size. When the shoulder slant is adjusted, the effect on the sleeve…

Innovative Design of Blue Calico Pattern Based on Julia Set Graphics

2018/12/27 11:29:01

Abstract: In order to explore the new design method of blue calico pattern, the quadratic function of Julia set graph is changed by superposition polynomial function method to form a new Julia set graph. Select the specific elements of Julia set graphics, and use Photoshop to carry out the secondary …

Structural Principle and Optimization Design of Non-ironing Patch Pocket Template

2018/12/27 11:26:58

Abstract: Automatic production has become the inevitable trend for the textile and garment industry. And template technology is an important part of it. This paper introduces the structural design, production process and usage of non-ironing patch pocket template, and compares the traditional method …

Research Progress of Non-contact 3D Body Measurement Technology and Its Application in Garment Industry

2018/12/27 11:24:41

Abstract: With the development of computer vision technology, non-contact 3D measurement has become an important technical method for modern body measurements. This paper analyzes the research and development status of non-contact 3D body measurement technology, introduces the current representative …
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