Apparel Technology

Method for Determining Clothing Size Based on Normal Distribution Law

2020/5/26 15:54:30

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that the current ready-to-wear size cannot provide personalized services for the group close to the mean size, this paper measures different groups with the same number via the normal distribution law as the measurements to explain a new method for determining …

Simulation and Optimization of One-piece Flow Garment Assembly Line

2020/5/26 15:53:16

Abstract: Taking a Chinese silk cheongsam as an example, based on the factors that affect the production efficiency, the paper carried out a simulation and optimization research on one-piece flow garment assembly line for cheongsam via Flexsim software. First, establish the simulation optimization mo…

Study on Size Changes of Women’s Shoulder and Arm in Outdoor Mountaineering

2020/5/26 15:50:39

Abstract: In order to design the sleeve structure of women’s outdoor mountaineering suits more scientifically and reasonably, the paper analyzed the size changes of the upper body and arms of women during mountaineering. Six representative action postures were selected, and the size changes of the t…

Discussion on Fusible Technology of Seamless Shirt Made of Natural Fiber Fabrics

2020/4/30 21:28:48

Abstract: By taking three kinds of natural fiber fabrics as the research object, this paper conducted the conclusion that the material with a thickness of 70 μm has the best fusible performance. Compared with traditional seam joints, fusible process has better assist in seam strength and constructio…

Key Technology of Fusible Process and Its Application in Garments

2020/4/30 21:25:25

Abstract: Smart wearable apparel combing microelectronics and clothing is one of the recent research hotspots. The fusible process provides the possibility of scale production of the intelligent garment. This paper first analyzes the basic principles of fusible production and introduces three technol…

Research on the Demand of Functional Knee Pads for Outdoor Sports People

2020/4/30 21:23:34

Abstract: The paper conducted an online survey on the needs of functional knee pads based on exercise habits and injuries. Results indicated that: running is the most popular outdoor sports; the awareness of knee joint protection needs to be improved; protective functions, auxiliary sports training, …

Innovative Design and Application of the Top Fly Pattern

2020/3/30 16:10:50

Abstract: Industrial-scale garment production mainly includes garment structural plate making, fabric plate arranging, batch cutting, garment sewing, etc. The design of the garment structural plate making affects the subsequent processes. If the garment structural plate making is reasonable, the foll…

Research and Development of Functional Clothing for Physically Challenged People

2020/3/30 16:09:23

Abstract: In order to understand the current status of functional clothing for physically challenged people,the paper introduces the functional requirements from three aspects, i.e., structural adaptability, wearing comfort and aesthetic property. It summarizes the main research results of functional…

Application of Three-dimensional Modeling Technique in Design of Haute Couture

2020/3/2 21:09:41

Abstract: The three-dimensional modeling technique is a very important design method of haute couture,and it can create a variety of styles. This paper analyzes the application of three-dimensional pleated modeling, three-dimensional geometric modeling and three-dimensional floral modeling in haute c…

Functional Design of the Obstetric Hospitalization Clothing

2020/1/21 16:01:07

Abstract: The paper takes obstetric hospitalization clothing as the research object. By analyzing the characteristics of the obstetric hospitalization group and the development status of obstetric hospitalization clothing, the paper points out that its current deficiencies, that is, inconvenient insp…
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