Apparel Technology

Combination Design and Evaluation of Heating Elements for Electrically Heated Garments

11/11/2022 5:31:53 PM

Abstract: As wearing intelligent clothing becomes a new fashion trend, more and more consumers choose lighter electrically heated clothing to cope with low temperatures. Taking the hard-shelled rash jacket as the research object, this paper tests the properties of different kinds of heating elements …

Online 3D Display of Intangible Cultural Heritage Dance Costumes

11/11/2022 3:28:25 PM

Abstract: 3D virtual technology can simulate the process that transforms clothing from a 2D static template to a 3D form. With the help of technologies such as computers and Internet interaction, the real clothing design and production process can be virtualized into digital models, so as to display …

Development and Application of Collaborative Design System for Fabrics and Garment Based on Virtual Reality Technology

11/11/2022 3:26:49 PM

Abstract: By using advanced VR technology and equipment, the fabric and garment creative design system with the characteristics of conceptualization, immersion and interaction is researched and developed. In doing so, it can provide a real-time interactive design and mutual collaborative development …

The Application of Bionic Methods in Modern Fashion Design

7/25/2022 4:17:02 PM

Abstract: To explore the application of bionic methods in modern fashion design, the paper summarizes the definition and forms of bionic application by collecting and researching the related design cases and relevant literature on bionic design, analyzes the direct and indirect bionic design and thei…

Application Analysis of Conductive Wire in Intelligent Clothing

7/25/2022 4:11:40 PM

Abstract: The conductive wires act an important role in the design and production of intelligent clothing. Their material properties and integration mode affect the electrical properties and wearability of intelligent clothing. In this paper, the conductive wires in intelligent clothing are divided i…

Analysis on the Origin and Development of Joint-designed Apparel

4/7/2022 10:09:23 AM

Abstract: By summarizing the historical joint design in the apparel industry and discussing its cultural origin, the paper analyzed the hidden meaning, background and contradictions, and discover the undetected logical deduction, so as to empower the value of apparel.Key words: apparel; joint design;…

Shrinkage Design Method of Shaping Pants Based on Muscle Fatigue Adjustment

4/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

Abstract: Shrinkage design is the key factor affecting the fit and comfort of shaping pants. Reasonably designed shrinkage rate of shaping pants can modify the curve of the body while maintaining comfort. By observing the fatigue changes of abdominal muscles, rectus femoris, erector spine, gluteus ma…

Color Transfer and Change in the Knitted Garment Design and Development

12/31/2021 2:12:41 PM

Abstract: With the improved fashion design of the knitted garment, the color application is becoming more and more diverse. At the same time, electronic color cards and electronic fabrics based on digital and virtual simulation technology are widely used in knitted garment design and development. Col…

Application Progress of Artificial Intelligence in Clothing Style Design

12/31/2021 2:11:12 PM

Abstract: To improve objectivity and stability of design process based on personal analysis, the paper carried out research on the application model, application technology and application cases of artificial intelligence in the field of clothing style design, such as mass information extraction, tre…

Functional Optimization Design of Motorcycle Protective Clothing

10/19/2021 11:12:51 PM

Abstract: For ordinary cyclists’ requirements of motorcycle protective clothing, i.e., wind-proof, warm, safe, and fall protection, the paper investigated motorcyclists’ needs by the questionnaire method and in-depth interview. The research process was analyzed based on the grounded theory for the …
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