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The Design and Process of Geometric Pattern in Fully-fashioned Sweater

2018/12/27 11:12:55

Abstract: In order to improve the designer’s pattern design ability in fully-fashioned sweater, the paper takes the typical stitches that constitute geometric patterns as an example. With the aid of four-needle bed computerized flat knitting machine of Shima Seiki, two different types’ stitches tha…

Intelligent Production Scheduling of Knitting Production Based on the Earliest Deadline Priority Algorithm

2018/12/27 11:11:50

Abstract: In view of the fact that the production plan of traditional knitting workshop relies on experience to arrange production, it is inevitable to occur unreasonable arrangement and waste of resources. The paper analyzes the restrictive factors affecting production scheduling, including order qu…

The Development of Warp-knitted Jacquard Vamp with Imitation Flyknit Effect

2018/10/19 17:53:04

Abstract: This paper studies the new three-needle jacquard principle and analyzes its 16 kinds of laying effect. By utilizing its rich stitch changes and making some improvements to the conventional 22-needle jacquard warp-knitting machine, the warp-knitted jacquard fabric can show the flyknit effect…

Design and Development of Weft-knitted Openwork Fabric

2018/10/19 17:51:14

Abstract: Based on the stitch, raw material, technology and post-processing of weft-knitted fabrics, this paper analyzes related forming method, stitch characteristic and appearance of weft-knitted openwork fabrics, gives emphasis to the coordinated design among the stitch, raw materials and the proc…

Discussion and Application of Eco-friendly Sizing Process for Pure Cotton Yarn-dyed Iron-free Fabric

2018/9/20 17:11:26

Abstract: In order to meet the technical requirements of “good elasticity, high tenacity, and easy to desizing” for pure cotton yarn-dyed iron-free fabric, this paper carried out a comprehensive study on non-PVA ecofriendly sizing process. In the experiment, the sizing process and technical control…

Research on the Application of Energy-efficient Modification and Automatic Integrated Winding Device of Conventional Ribbon Loom

2018/6/13 9:53:19

Abstract: In this paper, with the improvement of several key components, like shedding mechanism of the conventional ribbon loom, heddle structure, ribbon pressing device, the ribbon loom can form double-layer shedding mechanisms, which improves its production efficiency and saves energy. Through the…

Design and Production of High-performance Water Hose Made by UHMWPE Staple Yarn

2018/6/13 9:52:27

Abstract: A high-performance water hose made by UHMWPE staple yarn was developed in this paper. Taking UHMWPE spun plied yarn as its raw material, the paper carries out reasonable texture design, optimizes its sectional warping, weaving and finishing processes, and adopts corresponding technical meas…

Control Characteristics of Multi-speed Let-off on Warp Knitting Machine

2018/5/14 16:22:22

Abstract: By capturing the control process of different warp run-in of the closed-loop controlled let-off system at different machine speeds with the SCM01 analyzer and based on the speed switching time of the multi-speed let-off motor obtained from the experiment, the paper analyzes the influence of…

The Development of Jacquard Terry Warp-knitting Technology

2018/5/14 16:21:17

Abstract: Jacquard technology is one of the latest high-end technologies in the warp-knitting field, which has great potential and prospects. This paper first introduces the development history of jacquard systems over the years; and then elaborates three advanced technologies in the field of terry j…

Development of Stretch Denim of T400/Polyurethane Fibers

2018/4/17 10:53:03

Abstract: Based on the composition and property of T400/polyurethane twin-core yarn, this paper introduces its application in warp elastic denim and weft elastic denim and the related production processes. According to the performance comparison between twin-core yarn denim and conventional stretch d…
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