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Design and Production of Thermal and Wicking Duplex Sheeting

2019/4/15 17:30:55

Abstract: Ordinary thermal underwear fabrics only prevent the loss of heat, and the sultry and cold and moist feeling caused by sweating of the human body reduces the comfort of the garment. The paper discusses the design and production of a thermal and wicking duplex sheeting, which uses the TopCool…

Cause Analysis and Solutions of WF2 Weft Stop on Air-jet Loom

2019/4/15 17:30:03

Abstract: In order to reduce or control WF2 weft stop in air-jet looms, this paper analyses the influencing factors of WF2 weft stop, explores the possible causes of WF2 weft stop based on various phenomena of WF2 weft stop, and looks over the electromagnetic needle, circle probe, weft shear, main no…

Fabric Innovative Design of Motion Illusion

2019/3/18 11:30:46

Abstract: Combining the artistic color composition, color psychology, physiology, etc., the visual art and textile design are integrated to explore a new fabric design method, that is, innovative design of artistic textiles. The paper regards textiles as a carrier that can carry the art of optical il…

Design and Production of Gradient Yarn-dyed Shirt Fabric of Copperion Modified Polyester

2019/3/18 11:27:22

Abstract: In order to obtain high-grade yarn-dyed shirt fabric, this paper designed and produced gradient yarn-dyed shirt fabric of copper-ion modified polyester with 18.5 tex copper-ion modified polyester yarn as weft and 13 tex cotton/polyester blended yarn (65/35) as warp. Through optimization of …

The Features of Section-dyed Yarns and the Appearance Effect of Its Flat-knitted Fabrics

2019/2/25 16:49:05

Abstract: Section-dyed yarn, as one main type of the commonly used fancy yarn, endows its knitwear delicate effects with rich colors vary, making knitwear more diverse and plentiful. Knowing knitted fabric style of each type of section-dyed yarn is of great importance for design and development of kn…

Forming Principle and Stitch Design of Flyknit Instep

2019/2/25 16:47:10

Abstract: Flyknit instep is a fully-fashioned instep, which has three different types with different forming principle, that is, no shoe tongue, has shoe tongue and full-packaged one. The paper analyzes the forming principles of the three types flyknit insteps via the method of division of forming ar…

Effect of the Proportion of Branched and Straight Chain on Grafted Starch Size Property

2019/2/25 16:45:55

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of amylose content on the properties of grafted starch size, branched chain starch and amylose were used as raw material, and mixed branched amylose which proportion of branched chain starch and amylose were at 10:0, 7:3, 5:5, 3:7 and 0:10, respectively, w…

Thermal Conductivity of Orthogonal Three-dimensional Quartz/Epoxy Composites

2019/2/25 16:44:52

Abstract: In order to explore the effects of yarn linear fineness, fiber volume fraction and density of warp and weft on the thermal conductivity of orthogonal three-dimensional woven composites, the orthogonal three-dimensional woven composites were prepared with quartz fiber and epoxy resin as raw …

The Design and Process of Geometric Pattern in Fully-fashioned Sweater

2018/12/27 11:12:55

Abstract: In order to improve the designer’s pattern design ability in fully-fashioned sweater, the paper takes the typical stitches that constitute geometric patterns as an example. With the aid of four-needle bed computerized flat knitting machine of Shima Seiki, two different types’ stitches tha…

Intelligent Production Scheduling of Knitting Production Based on the Earliest Deadline Priority Algorithm

2018/12/27 11:11:50

Abstract: In view of the fact that the production plan of traditional knitting workshop relies on experience to arrange production, it is inevitable to occur unreasonable arrangement and waste of resources. The paper analyzes the restrictive factors affecting production scheduling, including order qu…
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