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Discussion on Production Process of High-density Leno Fabric

2020/4/30 21:19:01

Abstract: The production process of leno fabric is complicated and special, and in the weaving process, the missing defects and weft bar defects are obvious. Taking the production of high-density leno fabrics as an example, the paper carried out research on the production points and technical solutio…

Design and Production of the Polyester/Polyamide Interwoven Taslan Fabric

2020/3/30 15:57:17

Abstract: This paper introduces the product design of polyester/polyamide interwoven Taslan fabric and analyzes in detail on its related production technology and technical measures of the key processes such as warping, filament sizing and water-jet weaving. The polyester/polyamide interwoven Taslan …

Discussion on Weaving Technology of Hard-twist and Light Regenerated Cellulose Fabric

2020/3/30 15:57:06

Abstract: The paper discusses the main weaving technology of hard-twist and light regenerated cellulose fabric, and analyzes its style characteristics and related weaving difficulties. In view of the problems such as fabric broken defects, filling bar and stop with broken ends of the warp and weft ya…

Networking of Sock-knitting Machine — A Key Step in Digitizing Workshop

2020/3/2 20:57:59

Abstract: With the gradual improvement of the automation degree of sock-knitting machines, a large amount of running state data generated by the machine itself should be collected and effectively utilized.At the same time, the machines in the workshop need centralized management and control to improv…

Application of Regenerated Fibers in Knitting Process

2020/3/2 20:57:43

Abstract: Regenerated fibers are one of the important aspects to promote sustainable development. This paper firstly summarizes the developmental process classification of recycled fibers. Secondly, it introduces the specific application of regenerated fibers in knitted underwear, coats, vamp fabrics…

Study on Production Technology of Binding Multi-layer Cotton Fabrics

2020/3/2 20:54:16

Abstract: There is less experience in weaving binding multi-layer cotton fabrics. At the current stage, it can reach up to 6 layers, which is difficult to produce. The paper studies the production technology of multi-layer cotton fabrics through the existing technology and equipment, and judges throu…

Study on Sizing Process of Bamboo/Polyester Yarn

2020/3/2 20:54:08

Abstract: In order to solve the low strength and weak abrasion-resistant of bamboo/polyester yarn, the paper formulated different sizing formulas and sizing processes, and tested and analyzed the yarn via sizing quality indicators such as breaking strength and abrasion resistance increase rate. It wa…

The Influence of CNC Warp Knitting Machine on the Design of National Elements

2019/12/19 11:36:18

Abstract: The current modern Raschel lace machine has been developed into the CNC-controlled one from the handwork and the mechanical age. CNC technology plays an important role in the diverse and personalized development trend of modern lace technology. By studying the traverse technology of CNC war…

Design and Development of Weft-knitted Garment Fabric with 3D Jacquard Weave

2019/12/19 11:35:03

Abstract: Starting with the development status of weft-knitted three-dimensional jacquard fabric and doublesided computer jacquard circular knitting machine, this paper put forward that three-dimensional jacquard fabrics are widely used in the field of home textiles because of its superior covering p…

Difficulties Analysis and Process Improvement of High-count Colored Spun Yarn

2019/11/13 17:04:21

Abstract: Based on the analysis of yarn index and weaving difficulties of 9.7 tex high-count colored spun yarn, the paper pointed out that its difficulties were mainly due to poor yarn strength, hairiness and abrasion resistance, which caused several times of machine stoppage, as well as low weaving …
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