ITMA 2015: Master the Art of Sustainable Innovation

2015/12/22 17:26:29

The global textile and garment manufacturing industry converged at ITMA 2015 in Milan to source innovative solutions to enhance their business sustainability. Their commitment to sustainability is evident from the strong industry turnout. At the end of eight days, the 17th edition of the world's most…

Building Clothing Company’s Rapid Response System Based on Fashion Trend Forecast

2015/10/19 14:19:30

Abstract: As China's economy has entered a new normal state, foreign clothing brands flood into China and the clothing industry is facing increasing competition, building rapid response system has become increasingly important for clothing enterprises. In this context, classifying clothing enterprise…

Analysis on the Purchasing Points of Schoolchildren Sportswear

2015/10/19 14:18:32

Abstract: Many factors need to be considered when purchasing schoolchildren sportswear, among which maximum protection and favorable wearing comfort are the most important. Meanwhile the style, quality, materials and other aspects of the sportswear should be compared, and particular attention should …

On Promoting Intelligent Manufacturing of Textile Machinery Accessories with the Construction of Digitalized Workshop

2015/9/9 11:37:46

Abstract: The paper introduces the overall structure of digitalized workshop for intelligent manufacturing. It suggests that the construction of digital application platform should play equal emphasis on carrying out business process based on model manufacturing and numerically-controlled manufacturi…

Fast Fashion Brands in the Age of Big Data

2015/9/9 11:36:11

Abstract: Under the era of big data, by analyzing the advantages of fast fashion brand, reveals the depth of Chinese garment enterprises need restructuring. The policy makers and managers should change their way of thinking, fully aware of the importance of data assets. Future garment enterprises onl…

A Brief Review and Prospect of Emerging Technologies in Clothing Retail Terminal

2015/7/16 16:13:03

Abstract: The development of technology has been driving the retail revolution. With the great demand on online retail market and the changes in consumer behavior, more and more emerging technologies are applied to the retail terminal. This paper outlined the emerging technologies, and analyzed the a…

On the Client-oriented Development Modes for Fashion Products

2015/5/14 13:19:14

Abstract: With the progress of science and technology information industry, the development modes for fashion products have been innovated consistently. At the same time, the important influence of the client orientation has been highlighted on fashion products innovation. In the traditional modes, t…

Exploration of the Fashion Design Planning Base on Clothing Commodity Attributes

2015/5/14 13:17:54

Abstract: Clothing has two attributes — art and commodity. The burgeoning and unpredictable characters of fashion intensified the conflict between these two attributes. Clothing design no longer depended on the designer's personal creativity, but more related to rational analysis of fashion environm…

Study on the Export Transition of Garment Enterprises in the Crossborder Electric Commerce

2015/4/12 15:36:58

Abstract: As traditional foreign trade continues to slump, garment enterprises urgently need to get out of the predicament through the export transition. In this paper, combined with the basic characteristics of crossborder electronic commerce, analysis of the advantage of garment enterprises in cros…

A Probe into the Teaching Mode of Draping

2015/3/17 15:11:09

Abstract: With the development of China’s garment industry, the task for cultivating applied talents major in garment designing in high-learning schools has become much harder and traditional teaching modes can no longer satisfy the need. Establishing new teaching mode, introducing modern informatio…
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