Differentiation and Integration of Apparel E-commerce Development in China

2019/3/18 13:35:01

Abstract: With more than 20 years' development, great changes have taken place in e-commerce of China's garment industry. This paper introduced the characteristics of rapid differential development and tensional integration of China's apparel e-commerce from the analysis of the functional sociology p…

Study on Ink-jet Printing Technology of Nonwoven Decorative Material

2018/10/19 17:43:43

Abstract: Ink-jet printed nonwoven decorative materials are widely used in the decorative field because of their novel pattern design, low price, and eco-friendly characteristic, which cater to the consumer’s consumption concept. The paper analyzes the advantages and problems of ink-jet printing of …

Development Status and Trends of Functional Finishing Technology and Finishing Auxiliaries for Nonwovens

2018/10/19 17:39:41

Abstract: The paper summarizes the necessity of functional finishing of nonwovens, introduces the application of six common functional nonwovens, i.e., antistatic nonwovens, hydrophilic nonwovens, waterand oil-repellent nonwovens, antibacterial nonwovens, nonwovens with microcapsule, and metallizatio…

Progress in Finishing Technology and Equipment for Nonwovens

2018/10/19 17:37:58

Abstract: Finishing technology is one of the key technologies to improve the added value of nonwovens.Combining the practical experience of the author’s company, the paper summarizes the development status of common finishing technology and equipment for nonwovens, looks forward to the development d…

Characteristics of Graphene Materials and Their Applications in Textiles

2017/6/9 15:07:13

Abstract: The paper mainly introduces the origin of graphene, and points out its importance as an innovative and revolutionary breakthrough in modern material field and discusses the characteristics and applications of graphene, especially the applications and prospects of graphene in textile field. …

Study on the Influence of RCEP on China‘s Textile and Garment export

2017/5/9 14:18:54

Abstract: As China’s economy transitions to the “new normal”, China's textile and garment exports suffered the blow of world economic downturn and weak demand. In recent years, there are obvious signs of shrinking on traditional export markets. However, China-led RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Econo…

An Analysis and Demonstration on Project Management Modes from the Perspective of Fashion Industry Value Chain

2017/4/11 13:45:48

— Based on the Case Study of the Project Implement Plan for the Development ofKeqiao Fashion IndustryAbstract: Keqiao is well-known for its textile industry. In recent years, its fashion creative industry has also built up nationwide influence. This is supported not only by the innovation achievemen…

Study on the Influence of Online Shopping Festival Atmosphere on Consumers’ Intention of Buying Cloths

2017/3/16 11:02:27

Abstract: To stimulate the customers’ intention of buying, E-business platforms, such as Alibaba, start to create “virtual festivals”, which appears to be a huge success. Following this trend, E-businesses use countless methods and strategies to create this kind of festivals. Based on collecting a…

Research on the Development of Small- and Medium-sized Foreign Trade Enterprises in Jiangsu Province under the Background of Transformation

2016/12/21 14:09:26

Abstract: With the mounting of global economic downward pressure on China's clothing and foreign trade enterprises, the transformation of enterprises has become a major issue needs to be overcome in the development of clothing trade. Changes in the international trade environment and the internal dev…

An Analysis on China’s Carpet Import and Export in 2011 — 2015

2016/11/21 19:35:18

Abstract: For a long time, China’s carpet industry has been export-oriented. The paper analyzes China’s import and export of carpet during the 12th“Five-year Plan” period (2011 — 2015). It analyzes the trade volume and prices of the Chinese carpet industry, the main categories of import export p…
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