Coordinated Development of Fashion and Textile Industry Clusters

2020/4/30 21:29:29

— Factor Analysis Based on Women’s Wear Industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Abstract: Based on a survey of the fashion women’s wear industry and the textile industry clusters in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, this paper performed a factor analysis on the questionnaire data via SPSS 24.0 so…

Research on the Application of Service Marketing in Large-scale Apparel Customization Enterprises

2020/1/21 16:02:33

Abstract: With the development of modern information technology, conventional marketing methods cannot meet the needs of large-scale apparel customization enterprises. This paper introduces the current situation of large-scale apparel customization enterprises, and puts forward the service marketing …

Drive and Evolution of the New Retail Design for Silk Brands under the Omni Channel

2019/11/13 17:09:43

Abstract: Since the introduction of the new retail concept, the apparel market has been redefined in both theory and practice. In the second half of today’s global e-commerce development, the Chinese apparel industry has also completed the transition from the sellers’ market to the buyer’s market.…

Research on the Correspondence Between Logo Image and Garment Brand Image

2019/11/13 17:08:44

Abstract: The paper concludes the constituent elements of the logo image and its garment brand image,and constructs a theoretical model to explore the corresponded relationship between the logo image and its garment brand image. Then through the questionnaire survey method to test the consumer’s opi…

Exploration of the Communication Model of Fashion Brand Culture Based on Circle Relationship in New Era

2019/8/13 13:26:22

Abstract: With the advent of the new era of consumption, the new“circle”interpersonal model of fashion consumption promotes the brand’s new development due to its shared, open and multi-layered interpersonal relationship chain, however, fashion brands, especially the permeation of their cultural v…

Innovating the World of Textiles

2019/7/24 12:23:27

On June 26, the ITMA 2019 came to an end at Barcelona Exhibition Center, Spain. The exhibition highlighted innovative equipment and digital technology covering the whole industry chain under the theme of “Industry 4.0” and sustainable development. The net exhibition area of this exhibition is more …

Differentiation and Integration of Apparel E-commerce Development in China

2019/3/18 13:35:01

Abstract: With more than 20 years' development, great changes have taken place in e-commerce of China's garment industry. This paper introduced the characteristics of rapid differential development and tensional integration of China's apparel e-commerce from the analysis of the functional sociology p…

Study on Ink-jet Printing Technology of Nonwoven Decorative Material

2018/10/19 17:43:43

Abstract: Ink-jet printed nonwoven decorative materials are widely used in the decorative field because of their novel pattern design, low price, and eco-friendly characteristic, which cater to the consumer’s consumption concept. The paper analyzes the advantages and problems of ink-jet printing of …

Development Status and Trends of Functional Finishing Technology and Finishing Auxiliaries for Nonwovens

2018/10/19 17:39:41

Abstract: The paper summarizes the necessity of functional finishing of nonwovens, introduces the application of six common functional nonwovens, i.e., antistatic nonwovens, hydrophilic nonwovens, waterand oil-repellent nonwovens, antibacterial nonwovens, nonwovens with microcapsule, and metallizatio…

Progress in Finishing Technology and Equipment for Nonwovens

2018/10/19 17:37:58

Abstract: Finishing technology is one of the key technologies to improve the added value of nonwovens.Combining the practical experience of the author’s company, the paper summarizes the development status of common finishing technology and equipment for nonwovens, looks forward to the development d…
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