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Screening of Prior Controlled Heavy Metal Pollutants in the Textile Industry

2019/3/18 13:28:31

Abstract: In order to explore the screening method of the prior controlled heavy metal pollutants in the textile industry, the paper comprehensively used quantitative analysis and toxicity analysis to rank the environmental loads caused by heavy metal pollutants emitted by the textile industry from 2…

Research and Development in Antibacterial Finishing of Polyester Fiber and Related Fabrics

2019/3/18 13:26:50

Abstract: With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the functionality of textiles. Based on the antibacterial mechanism, antibacterial agents and antibacterial finishing technology, etc., this paper introduces various types of antibacterial agents for polyester f…

Dyeing and Finishing Practice of TencelTM Woven Fabrics

2019/2/25 16:53:22

Abstract: In view of the problems of poor desizing, improper fibrillation, pilling, crease and abrasion in the process of dyeing and finishing for standard TencelTM fabric, the paper carried out a comprehensive study on related technologies and auxiliaries. These problems could be solved via the enzy…

The Properties of Surfactin Produced by Bacillus Subtilis and Its Application in Textile Industry

2019/2/25 16:52:08

Abstract: This paper carried out a comprehensive conclusion of the properties of surfactin produced by Bacillus subtilis and its applications, and analyzed its application prospect in the textile industry. The pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing processes of the textile industry require a large numbe…

Controlled Degumming of Compound Enzyme for Flax Rove

2019/1/10 16:57:55

Abstract: In this paper, the controlled degumming of flax rove was carried out by using compound enzyme. The effects of the degumming process conditions on the degumming effect of the flax rove and the properties of the spun yarn were studied. Results indicated that this crude enzyme could effectivel…

Research of Non-fluorinated Water-repellent Finishing for Polyester Fabric

2019/1/10 16:56:11

Abstract: Non-fluorinated water-repellent finishing is a very hot topic as the fluorinated water-repellenct agent has bad effect to people’ health. In this paper, the finishing process of silicon, the hyperbranched macromolecules and the wax water repellent agents were studied respectively. The wate…

Research on Washing of Denim Garment Based on Laser Engraving Technology

2018/12/27 11:16:43

Abstract: With the adjustment of the industrial structure of the textile industry and the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, laser engraving technology in denim garment has become a research hotspot for many research institutions and enterprises because of…

Research and Practice of Salt-free Dyeing Processing Technology with Reactive Dyes

2018/12/27 11:15:19

Abstract: This paper carried out a comprehensive study on the production process in salt-free dyeing technology using reactive dyes, and determined the process parameters of salt-free continuous pad dyeing.The optimized condition is as follows: adopting one-dip-rolling method, the liquor retention is…

Preparation and Properties of Red Photoluminescence Printed Fabric

2018/12/27 11:14:18

Abstract: A kind of red fluorescent material was used to print cotton fabric. Printed fabrics with high red fluorescence and UV absorbability were prepared. An orthogonal experiment was conducted to research the effects of the binder content, curing temperature and curing time on fastness to rubbing,…

The Effect of Resist Salt S on Reactive Dye Printing of Cotton Fabric

2018/10/19 16:25:42

Abstract: The reactive dye printing experiment was carried out on cotton fabrics with resist salt S auxiliaries, so as to study the effect of the dosage of resist s alt S on the dyeing strength and color vividness of different kinds and dosage of reactive dyes. The results indicated that when the dos…
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