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The Effect of Resist Salt S on Reactive Dye Printing of Cotton Fabric

2018/10/19 16:25:42

Abstract: The reactive dye printing experiment was carried out on cotton fabrics with resist salt S auxiliaries, so as to study the effect of the dosage of resist s alt S on the dyeing strength and color vividness of different kinds and dosage of reactive dyes. The results indicated that when the dos…

Atmospheric One-bath Dyeing Technique for Multi-colored Fabrics

2018/10/19 16:22:40

Abstract: The paper carries a comprehensive study on the field of fabric dyeing and finishing from fiber structures and properties. It first designed the fabric stitches and pattern, selected the type, color and dosage of dyes based on different fiber structures and properties, and then produced the …

Study on Preparation and Characterization of Self-cleaning Cotton Fabrics Loaded with Ag6Si2O7/CNTs

2018/9/20 17:14:44

Abstract: 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane was selected as coupling agent and the photocatalytic selfcleaning cotton fabrics loaded with Ag6Si2O7/CNTs was prepared by in-situ deposition. The analysis of TEM, XRD, FESEM and EDS confirmed that the Ag6Si2O7 and CNTs were combined and loaded on cotton fabric…

Development of High-whiteness and Easy-care Digital Ink-jet Printing Cotton Fabric

2018/9/20 17:13:09

Abstract: In order to promote the application of non-iron-free process in digital printing fabric, the paper carried out a research on the process of non-iron finishing, size formula, whitening and moist crosslinking,taking color yield, strength, whiteness and durable press as the evaluation indicato…

Research Progress in Waterborne Polyurethane Modification

2018/8/16 11:30:45

Abstract: Waterborne polyurethane is widely used in many field due to its green innocuous, safe and reliable characteristics. However, it also has certain defects, such as poor heat and solvent resistance, and short storage period, which limit its further application. With the raising requirement for…

Development of Duplex Pigment Printing Camouflage Fabrics with Flame Retardant Performance

2018/8/16 11:27:34

Abstract: Camouflage nets are used to cover weaponry or fix targets to weaken detectability. The camouflage nets described in this paper include desert-application type, forest-application type, and snowfield-application type. Based on the production requirements of the double-faced camouflage nets, …

Reasons and Improvement Methods of Yellowing in High-count Denim Shirts

2018/6/13 9:55:26

Abstract: The effect of various factors, i.e., yarn count, washing degree, softening agent, yarn processing method, on yellowing in denim shirt and related improvement methods were investigated. Results indicated that adding ozone resistance additives, production control, and display management can o…

Application of Graphene and Graphene Oxide in Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

2018/6/13 9:54:17

Abstract: The paper systematically introduces the characteristics of graphene and graphene oxide as well as related application in textile printing and dyeing industry. And then, it elaborates on the principle, process, development status, and current problems of graphene and its blend fibers, graphe…

New-type Anti-mosquito Microcapsules Prepared by Interfacial Polymerization

2018/5/14 16:23:25

Abstract: By adopting the interfacial polymerization method, anti-mosquito microcapsules using polyurea as wall material and containing Propoxur were prepared. This paper discusses the influence of composite emulsifier, core-wall ratio, reaction time, reaction temperature and stirring speed on the pa…

Research Progress on the Treatment of Printing and Dyeing Wastewater

2018/3/9 11:00:50

Abstract: Printing and dyeing wastewater contains various dyes with complicated compositions, which are characterized by high concentration, dark chrominance and being not easily degraded, etc. Researchers around the world have explored the new treatment technology for printing and dyeing wastewater …
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