Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Research Status and Development of Smart Wearable Devices for Body Posture Adjustment

2019/3/18 13:31:48

Abstract: Poor posture in sitting and walking may cause structural deformation of the cervical spine,thoracic spine, lumbar spine and pelvis, and induce many health problems. This paper emphatically introduces the principle and method of smart wearable devices for body posture adjustment, summarizes …

Preparation and Properties of Chitosan Hemostatic Sponges

2019/3/18 13:30:24

Abstract: In order to improve the physical properties, hemostatic and wound healing functions of the chitosan sponges, this paper prepared chitosan porous sponges via physically quick-foaming and freezedrying method. And took sodium alginate as the macromolecular crosslinking agent. Results indicated…

Preparation of TPU/PAN Electrospun Waterproof & Moisture Permeable Film

2019/1/10 17:02:56

Abstract: In order to improve the protection effect and comfort of the waterproof & moisture permeable film, the bicomponent TPU/PAN electrospun waterproof & moisture permeable film was prepared. The paper carried out a comprehensive research on the effect of the parameters including solution…

Analysis of the Uniformity of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Fiber Web Based on Image Processing

2019/1/10 17:01:08

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that the existing fiber web detection method can not detect the uniformity of the hybrid fiber web well, the paper took organic fiber and inorganic fiber as experimental materials, and these two kinds of fibers were mixed, opened, and carded into a fiber web. T…

Structure Characters and Filtration Performance of PPS/PTFE Composites Based on Hydroentanglement

2019/1/10 16:59:49

Abstract: Spunlaced nonwoven composites are reinforced by the impact effect of water jets. Water jet energy and spunlace process are the main factors affecting the structure and filtration performance of nonwoven composites. By adjusting the key parameters of spunlace process, the effects of water ne…

Study on the Tribological Properties of ZrO2 Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites

2018/12/27 11:21:34

Abstract: In view of ZrO2 fiber which has the excellent mechanical properties and high temperature performance has not been developed to ZrO2 fiber composites as anti-wear materials. This paper prepared ZrO2 fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites and carried out a research on their tribological prop…

Study on Surface Grafted Chitosan Modification of LARS Artificial Ligament Material

2018/12/27 11:20:31

Abstract: The monofilament of artificial ligament material was modified by plasma and chemical treatment methods, and the effects of chitosan concentration and chitosan graft modification time on the performance of LARS artificial ligament monofilament were investigated. The results showed that the m…

The Establishment of Sound Absorption Model of Activated Carbon Fiber Materials Based on Structural Characteristics

2018/12/27 11:19:43

Abstract: According to Model Voronina, this paper introduced the structure factor of activated carbon fiber materials and established theoretical model of sound absorbing of activated carbon fiber materials via method of acoustic impedance transfer. The acoustic analyzer of dual channel impedance tub…

Preparation and Properties of Carbon Fiber Based Magnetic Microwave Absorbing Composites

2018/12/27 11:18:15

Abstract: The metal-salt impregnation and heat treatment process were used to load magnetic particles on the surface of carbon fiber, and the composites with excellent microwave absorbing properties were prepared with PU. As prepared materials were characterized and analyzed by XRD, SEM, EDS, thermod…

Finite Element Analysis on Low-velocity Impact Characteristics of 3D Sandwich Composites

2018/9/20 17:20:36

Abstract: The mesoscopic structure model of three-dimensional sandwich composites was established by using finite element software ANSYS. Using this model, the stress and strain distribution of materials, fibers and resins under low-velocity impact load are studied, and the influence of resin type on…
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