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Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Process of Silicone Resin Coated Carbon Fiber Fabric

2020/5/26 15:47:18

Abstract: In order to investigate the heat transfer process of silicone resin coated carbon fiber fabric under high temperature heat flow ablation, a three-dimensional geometric model of coated fabric was established according to the structural parameters of the coating fabric and the interlacing of …

Study on the Effect of Compression Stockings on Blood Flow Velocity of Lower Limbs

2020/5/26 15:45:36

Abstract: Compression stockings are convenient and effective medical textiles for relieving and treating venous diseases of lower limbs. Its safety and effectiveness attract wide attention from the public. Taking a healthy young lady as the object of study, the study measured the changes of the blood…

Development and Trend of Intelligent Clothing

2020/4/30 21:21:34

Abstract: Based on the research of intelligent clothing development, this paper classifies intelligent clothing into functional material type and electronic information type. There are many application fields of smart clothing, involving sports health, medical monitoring, military equipment, and live…

Research on Calendered Surface Treatment of Polyester Needle Felt Filters

2020/3/30 16:09:04

Abstract: This paper implemented a calendered surface treatment on polyester needle felt filters and carried out a comparative analysis of the performance indicators and filtration performance of polyester needle felt under the new treatment and the conventional calendering and singeing process. Resu…

Possibility Analysis on Replacement of Electrostatic Melt-blown Nonwoven Fabric to Electrospun Membraneto Solve Mask Shortage Problem

2020/3/30 16:08:53

Abstract: Recently, the new coronavirus pneumonia (also called 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19) is spreading rapidly in the world at large, especially in China. The related protection urgently requires a large number of masks, which are in short supply in the global market. In addition, the general…

Research Progress of Intelligent Textiles and Its Prospects in the Field of Rehabilitation Assistant Devices

2020/3/2 21:09:33

Abstract: The intelligent textiles made a great change in the traditional functions of textiles, i.e., home textiles and apparel using. It has come into all walks of life and establish a new development path for textile applications and innovation from the functionalization of waterproof and moisture…

Research Progress of Medical Splints for Bone Injury Made of Textile Composites

2020/3/2 21:06:25

Abstract: In the case of limb fractures or trauma, the auxiliary appliance is needed to support and fix the fracture site. Medical splint for bone injury is the most commonly used external fixation apparatus, and it is one of the important apparatus for rapid healing and recovery of fractures. With t…

Application and Research Progress of Intelligent Apparel in Military Field

2020/3/2 21:06:19

Abstract: This paper introduces the application technology and current status of intelligent apparel in five military fields, that is, camouflage, protection, vital signs monitoring, hygiene care, and wearable exoskeleton. It outlines the key technologies in research and development, and analyzes the…

The Development Status and Trend of Compression Garment Research— Visualization Analysis Based on CiteSpace

2020/3/2 21:02:32

Abstract: Compression products are widely used in the field of professional sports and daily sports, which has attracted researchers’ study on their function and mechanism. In order to understand the development direction of this field clearly and quickly, and to focus on the core of research object…

Preparation and Sound Insulation of Multilayer Composite Meltblown Nonwovens

2020/1/21 15:56:56

Abstract: In order to investigate the sound insulation performance of multilayer composite meltblown nonwovens, thirteen 6-layers composite meltblown nonwovens were prepared using the calendering method.The corresponding single-layer meltblown nonwovens were produced by combining metering pump freque…
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