Hu Sets Economic Targets at 18th Party Congress (11/28/2012)

Updated: 2012/11/28 9:54:00

China aims to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020 and double its GDP by then compared with 2010, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said.

In a report delivered at the opening of the 18th National Congress of the CPC in Beijing on Nov 8, Hu, also the Chinese president, said to attain the goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020, the followings should be achieved.

-The economy should maintain sustained and sound development. Major progress should be made in changing the growth model. On the basis of making China´s development much more balanced, coordinated and sustainable, we should double its 2010 GDP and per capita income for both urban and rural residents. The contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic growth should increase considerably and China should become an innovative country. Industrialization should be basically accomplished. IT application should be significantly expanded. The quality of urbanization should improve markedly. Notable progress should be made in modernizing agriculture and building new socialist rural areas. The basic mechanism for promoting balanced development between regions should be in place. Opening up should be further improved and China´s international competitiveness should increase significantly.

- People´s democracy should be expanded. The institutions of democracy should be improved and its forms enriched. People´s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity should be fully leveraged. The rule of law should be fully implemented as a basic strategy, a law-based government should be basically in function, judicial credibility should be steadily enhanced, and human rights should be fully respected and protected.

- The country´s cultural soft power should be improved significantly. Core socialist values should take root among the people, and both the level of civility of citizens and the moral and ethical standards of the whole society should be significantly raised. More cultural works should be created; a system of public cultural services should be basically in place, and the cultural sector should become a pillar of the economy. Even greater progress should be made in taking Chinese culture to the global stage. By taking these steps, we will lay a more solid foundation for developing a strong socialist culture in China.

- Living standards should be fully raised. Equal access to basic public services should be generally achieved. The educational level of the entire population should be significantly raised and training of innovative professionals markedly improved. China should have a large pool of competent professionals and be rich in human resources, and it should basically modernize its education. There should be more employment opportunities. Income gaps should be narrowed, middle-income groups should keep growing, and the number of people living below the poverty line should drop by a large margin. Social security should cover all the people. Everyone should have access to basic medical and public health services. The system of housing for low-income groups should take shape, and there should be social harmony and stability.

- Major progress should be made in building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society. The establishment of functional zones should be basically completed, and a system for recycling resources should begin to take shape. Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP as well as the discharge of major pollutants should decrease sharply. Forest coverage should increase, the ecosystem should become more stable, and the living environment should improve markedly.

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