Heilongjiang Made Major Progress in Taking over Textile Industry Transfer (11/19/2012)

Updated: 2012/11/19 10:15:00

Related figures from Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of Industry and Information Technology show that over the past few years, the textile industry in Heilongjiang Province in northeast China has walked out of the gloomy situation and stepped onto the track of fast development.

The prime business revenue of local above-scale enterprises rose 19.1% in 2010, 43.2% in 2011 and 41.4% in the first quarter of this year. These sound achievements can be mainly explained by dramatically increased investment in fixed assets and remarkable progress made in taking over textile industry transferred from east coastal areas of China. In 2010, the investment in fixed assets calculated on the basis of major projects each costing more than CNY 500,000 amounted to CNY 2.19 billion, up 69.6% year-on-year; in 2011, this figure reached CNY 2.89 billion, up 82.8% year-on-year.

A number of strategic investors have entered into Heilongjiang Province. As its advantages in resources, geographic location, market and main production elements become more and more prominent, Heilongjiang has attracted a large number of investors. For example, Dalian Sante Garment Co., Ltd. and Dalian Bagir Tailoring Co., Ltd. (a joint venture of Dayang Group and Israel Bagir Group) invest CNY 3 billion in building a textile and garment industrial park in Hailun; Beijing Tianya Group invests CNY 1.5 billion in building a linen commercial and trade park in Lanxi and Haining China Leather Market from Zhejiang Province invests CNY 2 billion in building a leather garment trading market and a leather garment creative industry park in Ha´erbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province.

A number of state-owned enterprises have successfully gone through reform. Ha´erbin Linen Plant has relocated itself by introducing investment from Taiwan; Jiamusi Blanket Plant has set up new production lines for producing annually 10 million pieces of Raschel blankets by introducing investment from Zhejiang Province and Heilongjiang Longdi Group has resumed its polyester filament and staple production by introducing local private capital.

A number of key projects are being built. At present, a number of key projects have completed and run into production and a number of projects are under construction, displaying strong potential for future development. Keshan Jinding Linen Textile Co., Ltd. invests CNY 130 million in installing 20,000 spinning spindles and wet-spinning line with annual capacity of 1,450 tons; Lanxi Greenland Linen Products Co., Ltd. invests CNY 110 million in building a production line for producing 500,000 pieces of linen cushion; Bei´an Xianglong Hemp Fabric Co., Ltd. invests CNY 320 million in setting up a 200,000-spindle production line; Heilongjiang Difeng Polyester Co., Ltd. invests CNY 160 million in setting up a production line for 80,000 tons of polyester staple; Heilongjiang Lanyi Carpet Group Co., Ltd. invests CNY 120 million in setting up a production line for producing 1.25 million square meters of door mat every year; and Heihe Snow White Fur & Leather Co., Ltd. invests CNY 120 million in setting up production lines for producing 250,000 pieces of fur and leather garments every year.

A number of industrial bases have emerged. Lanxi County targets to turn itself into the leading linen market in China. Now it is setting up planting, processing, knitting and training bases as well as R & D, testing, trading and information centers; Qinggang County has a rapidly-emerging flax processing industry. Local linen companies have invested a lot of money in setting up spinning and weaving lines; Zhaoyuan and Dongning focus on garment export trade to Russia, while Yanshou, Suileng, Hailun and Acheng are respectively developing linen, garment, knitting and polyester fiber production bases.

Source: China Textile Leader

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