Fujian to Hold Textile Machinery Exhibition in September (08/20/2012)

Updated: 2012/8/20 11:21:00

Fujian (Jinjiang) International Textile Machinery Exhibition will be held on September 14-16, 2012 in Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center. It is the only textile machinery trade fair in the commercial circle in the western side of Taiwan Straits.

Textile and garment industry is the pillar industry in the commercial circle in the western side of Taiwan Straits (based on Quanzhou, Jinjiang and Shishi). Now there are 9,728 enterprises involving in textile- and garment-related businesses, with a total employment of more than 400,000 persons. It produces 1.2 billion pieces of sports and casual wear, with the industrial output valued at more than CNY 80 billion, accounting 42% of the country´s total production of sports and casual wear. Now it has developed a complete textile production chain from spinning, weaving to bleaching, dyeing and finishing and garment processing. It is now one of the most energetic textile production areas in China.

The exhibits will include knitting, spinning, weaving as well as printing & dyeing machinery. The highlights will be circular knitting machine, computer-controlled flat-knitting machine, warp-knitting machine, spinning frame, automatic winding machine, rapier loom, etc. and also jacquard machine, glove machine, hosiery machine, textile parts and accessories, etc.

Source: China Textile Leader

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

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