Liaoning: New Projects Help Textile Enterprises Improve Technological Competence (08/27/2012)

Updated: 2012/8/27 9:42:00

In the first half of this year, the textile industry in Liaoning Province achieved satisfactory economic results and most economic indictors maintained double-digit growth despite many difficulties and challenges.

Statistics of January-May period show that above-scale textile enterprises realized prime business revenue of CNY 44.22 billion, up 20.55% year-on-year; goods delivered for export valued at CNY 9.58 billion, up 16.2%; it earned a profit of CNY 1.75 billion, up 25.66%. But the growing speed has slowed down.

Liaoning Province is not a cotton producer. Industry associations at different levels and many enterprises had begun to undertake restructuring as early as 10 years ago. Many key enterprises have made sound progress in technical reform and developing new products. According to related statistics, in the first half of this year, the construction of a number of projects based on new technologies, new products and new raw materials had been proceeding smoothly and some had been put into operation.

Besides, textile enterprises in Liaoning Province had done a good job in merger and acquisition. Now they have merged or acquired 9 enterprises from abroad or other provinces. These projects help local enterprises improve their R & D ability, extend business chain and enter into the global market. At present, there are 4 textile and garment industrial clusters respectively focusing on plastic braiding, garment production, textiles and garment and swimwear. There are more than 1,100 enterprises settle down in these industrial clusters which offer about 200,000 jobs and play important role in promoting overall development of local textile industry.

The garment sector, as a local flagship sector, has made great efforts to brand operation, construction of brand culture and marketing services. Dalian garment industry, by holding "Dalian Fashion Week", organizing enterprises to participating in important trade fairs and opening up domestic market, has realized double-digit growth in industrial output value, prime business revenue and delivery to export.

On the whole, the garment economy in Liaoning Province operates steadily but at a slower pace. Industry insiders suggest garment enterprise make good use of their own conditions, develop specialized products and concentrate major efforts on brand, quality and specialty.

Source: China Textile Leader

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