3M will Increase Investment in Southern China (01/26/2010)

Updated: 2010/1/26 10:18:00

As one of the Fortune 500 and known for its diversified technology and innovation, 3M recently announced in "China´s Innovation Day" which was held in Guangzhou that they would increase the layout of localization in southern China and go deep into the development of local industrial chain.

3M´s CEO in China Yu Junxiong said that with the accelerated investment in southern China they had now finished a series of localization development from R&D, manufacturing, logistics to marketing. In 2010, 3M would step up efforts to layout of localization and plan to further increase the production line in South China’s production base.

It is reported that PeriodⅠof South China´s production base was with over USD60m investment, covering an area of 50,733 square meters, which was formally put into operation in 2007.


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