2010: Missions and working highlights of China Textile Industry (03/08/2010)

Updated: 2010/3/8 10:18:00

Operating performance of textile industry in 2009
Domestic market was the primary element shoring up the gradual recovery of the whole industry. Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics indicated that the gross retails sales revenue of garments rose by 18.8% in 2009 as compared with last year.
Exportation remained unoptimistic. Statistics unveiled by the General Administration of Customs revealed that exported value of garments in 2009 accumulated to $171.332 billion, down by 9.65% Y-O-Y. Improvement of exportation relies more on the recovery of global economy which is rather unpredictable currently. Odds are that years of time might be taken for the complete recovery of export.
Operating performance improved. From January to November, profit revenue of above-scale companies reached 133.149 billion RMB, increased by 25.39% compared with the same time period of last year. The growth velocity upturned 36.4 percentage points as contrast to the first two months. Averaged profit margin of the whole industry reached 4.04% which is 0.48 percentage points higher than last year.
Fixed asset investment rose steadily. Holistically in the year 2009, fixed asset investment of textile industry with investment value over five million RMB accumulated up to 310.204 billion RMB, increased by 13.86% as contrast to the year 2008. The investment growth velocity upturned 7.11 percentage points compared with 2008. 7,731 new programs were kicked off in 2009, increased by 27.85% and 35.71 percentage points higher than last year.
Industry restructuring accelerated and innovation capability of the whole industry kept enhancing. Six items of scientific and technological achievements won the laureates of the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award. 144 technological achievements won the Advanced Technology Award issued by China National Textile and Apparel Council. Technical textiles also witnessed substantial development in 2009. Accumulated technical textile fiber consumption in 2009 reached seven million tons, increased by 17% compared with last year. Output growth of nonwoven fabrics surpassed 20% in 2009 which is perceived as a much faster growth relative to other industries.

Missions and working highlights in 2010
2010 is the last year of the 11th FYP and also the second year since the implementation of Textile Industry Restructuring and Revitalizing Program. Missions and working highlights for China textile industry in the year 2010 are six fold.
♦ Technical textiles development becomes more imperative than ever before. Applications of technical textiles must be expanded. Applications and R&D of high-performance special fibers in technical textiles must be reinforced. Research of geotextile materials, automobile textiles, medical textiles and agricultural textiles must also be reinforced and highlighted.
♦ Functional textile fabrics, eco-friendly textiles and other viable textile technologies must be promoted. Technological breakthrough and the application of the 28 key technologies and the R&D of 10 types of textile machines must also be guaranteed.
♦ Energy-saving and emission-reduction work remained as a highlighted focal point, especially for the dyeing and finishing industry, chemical fiber manufacturing industry. New technologies and innovative manufacturing methods benefiting the environment must also be helped to promoted.
♦ Favorable policies and preferential subsidies must be provided to promote the textile industry development of Middle and Western provinces.
♦ Product research and development levels as well as the managerial levels for the SMEs must also be reinforced. Independent national brands construction is encouraged. Both domestic and international markets must be exploited.
♦ All aspects subjective to the 11th FYP of textile industry must be implemented. New national plans to develop textile industry during the 12th FYP must be schemed to guarantee the achieve of the target of becoming a puissant textile nation until 2020.

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