Swimwear Market to Reach $17.6bn by 2015 (03/26/2010)

Updated: 2010/3/26 15:02:00

Global Industry Analysts(GIA)predicts that the world market for swimwear and beachwear will exceed $17.6bn by 2015.

This is said to be driven by the growing interest in body care, social mobility, relaxed dress codes, improved textile performance and expansion of the beauty and spa industry.

Women´ s desire to look fashionable by the pool and on the beach is said to be driving demand for bikinis and swimsuits. These changing fashion trends are prompting designers to update swimwear and beachwear collections regularly.

Increasing incorporation of fashion elements into swimwear is attracting more consumers, particularly the younger generation, according to the report, entitled "Swimwear and Beachwear: A Global Strategic Business Report".

Women´ s swimwear fashion is led by asymmetric designs, bold colours, African and geometric prints and classic yet modern silhouettes. This trend is noticeable in several new collections, such as The Secret Designer Collections of Victoria comprising push-up tankini-tops in tiger prints and dots and one-piece Red Carter Giraffe cutout.

Currently, consumers sport swimwear in all seasons, which is driving business growth. The way men regard swimwear has changed over the years and the product is increasingly moving into the casual clothing category, said the report.

With men becoming more conscious about their looks, designers are expanding product options, leading to increased business. There is a growing use of swimwear such as shorts, particularly boardshorts, as casual clothing. While sport´ s brands are becoming more fashionable, fashion brands are getting more sport´ s functionality.

Europe and the US currently dominate the global swimwear and beachwear market. However, the developing world, such as South East Asia and China, provides a greater opportunity for swimwear market growth as western swimwear habits gain ground, said the report.

Swimwear for older women, made of specialty fabrics, supporting their physique, is a growing market sector, according to the report.

The report profiles key lingerie suppliers, provides a comprehensive industry overview, product overview, covers product introductions/innovations and recent industry activity. It is also said to analyse market data and analytics in terms of value and volume sales for the US, Europe, Brazil and rest of the world.

Source:China Textile Leader

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