New Business Opportunity for Textile Machinery Manufacturers: Specialty Chemical Fiber (04/21/2010)

Updated: 2010/4/21 10:04:00

Developing specialty chemical fiber provides an unparalleled new business opportunity for textile machinery manufacturers. "Promote the industrialization and application of hi-tech fiber" was listed on the Textile Industry Adjustment and Revitalizing Program as a highlighted mission of chemical fiber industry in the next few years. The Textile Industry Adjustment and Revitalizing Program released last year by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also pointed out that the following specialty chemical fiber programs would be specially financed and supported.

− High-performance specialty chemical fiber machinery
− UHMWPE fiber machinery with 200 t/d
− Complete set of kiloton carbon fiber manufacturing machinery
− Complete set of kiloton PPTA fiber manufacturing machinery
− Complete set of above-kiloton PPS filament and staple fiber machinery
− Spinneret for carbon fiber and other high-performance fiber
− Winder for carbon fiber
− Metering pumps for high-performance fiber

Currently the high-tech fiber market is almost completely monopolized by developed countries, Japan and US, for instance. China was challenged by technology blockade and multifold of restrictions. The industrialization of hi-tech fiber is an intricate system engineering involving multifold of disciplinary know-hows, fields and top-notches. The successful industrialization of hi-tech fiber embodies the science and technology strength of the whole country.

The imbalanced development of China´s hi-tech specialty fiber was also a key contributing factor. Many pivotal technologies require the matched R&D industry collaboration. Aside from PMIA and UHMWPE fiber, the development of most types of specialty fibers remain in the trial period and requires reinforced matched R&D.

Source:China Textile Leader

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