Chongqing Textile and Apparel Industry Bears Great Aspirations (05/06/2010)

Updated: 2010/5/6 9:53:00

March 14thChina textile industry shift conference was recently held in Chongqing and the municipal government indicated that Chongqing textile and apparel industry will endeavor to reach an total output of 50 billion yuan within three years.

There are over 3,800 companies with 302 above-scaled ones and 200 thousand practitioners engaging in textile business in Chongqing—largest municipality in China. "Accumulated industry output of above-scale textile and apparel companies reached 17.4 billion yuan," introduced Wu Bing, Director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, "But Chongqing is far ambitious than that. By 2012, overall sales revenue of Chongqing textile and apparel industry must endeavor to reach 50 billion yuan along with settling down 30 to 50 thousand work forces. In the next few years, Chongqing blueprinted to build the most influential textile and apparel pioneering production base, trade center and open highland in western China. This is not daydreaming. Eastern textile companies are facing a series of adverse factors such as labor shortage, increasing cost and environmental pressures. It is a destined tendency for the industry shift toward the middle and western regions. Chongqing has naturally well assembled with various production factors viz. low labor cost, convenient waterway transport and etc."

China´s renowned textile and apparel companies such as Ningbo Youngor Group, Shandong Ruyi Group, Shanghai Sanmao Group and Jiangsu Kicolor Clothing Co., Ltd have all built new mills in Chongqing.

Source:China Textile Leader

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