ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 Preview (Ⅲ)

Updated: 2010/6/7 14:51:00


On their Stand B 03 in Hall W 2 at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 in Shanghai, Rieter will present the new G 32 ring spinning machine alongside the E 66 combing machine which is already successfully established on the market. In addition to these two main attractions, samples and end products from ring yarn, the Com4® compact yarn, ComfoRo® rotor yarn and ComforJet® air-jet yarn will be displayed on the Rieter stand.
With the presentation of the G 32 ring spinning machine at the ITMA Asia, Rieter is responding to the requirements of the new markets. The new machine typifies Rieter’s response to customers’ needs.

G 32 ring spinning machine
This machine is a new development. With up to 1 440 spindles and an excellent price/performance ratio, it has been specifically targeted to fulfil the needs of the new markets. The familiar production quality and efficiency of Rieter ring spinning machines is reflected in the G 32 and is achieved due to the well-established functions such as the automatic cop change ROBOdoff or doffing without unwinding with the SERVOgrip.
The G 32 ring spinning machine is ideal for customers who want to modernize with long doffer ring spinning machines.

E 66 combing machine
72 kg/h combed sliver – that is the real performance of the E 66 semi-automatic combing machine. This was developed on the basis of the wide experience gained over recent years with the more than 7 800 combing machines sold. Together with the Computer-Aided-Process-Development – C•A•P•D500 – the combing process is optimized with regard to movement, applied load, air and power consumption. The high performance of 72 kg/h is achieved with 500 nips/min, 80 g/m lap sheet fineness, ideal running behaviour and highest quality.

Technology corner
As a system supplier for all spinning systems available on the market, Rieter explains the specific properties of the various spinning systems by using the wide range of fabric and knitted samples as well as with various end products and offers comprehensive technological advice on the exhibition stand.


Rosink Maschinenfabrik from Nordhorn Germany is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of first class textile production and service machines (spinning). The Rosink product range covers: Card coiling systems for spinning and nonwoven applications as well as service equipment for the cot maintenance workshop and carding flat workshop. This year the company participates in the international textile machinery exhibition ITMAASIA + CITME for the fourth time in a row.

Rosink is looking forward to attend to this important trade show and its specialists are anxious to meet the very ambitious crowd. Four (4) exhibits will be at display in Shanghai. One the one hand low-cost; represented by our latest innovation Rosy vs.high-production; represented by our 2-in-1 fully automatic twin-cot-grinder SZ1 A TWIN + HA. Both machine types are modern state-of-the-art quality equipment made in Germany.

Rosy is to be operated manually and to show how easy she works and to witness the excellent grinding results Rosink has arranged a real grinding competition.

For all visitors, especially those who are not afraid to challenge our Rosy, there will be a nice gift. The visitor which will manage to grind most top rollers will be treated as a real champion and will be invited for a nice evening diner at Rosink expenses.

Our 2-in-1 universal high production cot grinding machine SZ1 A TWIN + HA on the other hand is equipped with a fully automatic parallel grinding mechanism. It is very powerful and has a productivity of more than 500 top rollers.

The biggest benefit is the Rosink sole feature of a 2-in-1 machine. Rosink is the only producer in the world offering a fully automatic cot grinder for centre guided top rollers on one side of the machine in combination with the universal semi-automatic opposite side.

Besides a great mutual booth with the German companies Staedtler+Uhl (W2-D11) and Reseda Binder (W2-D12) and very attractive machines, Rosink will be present with a strong commercial and technical team including our Chinese agents Messrs. KINGMARCH and Messrs. XINHE.


The Partnership with the Customers and Markets represents the unique Added Value for the development of the technology on Savio Machinery. The technological growth is undoubtedly achieved only if Customers needs are exploited and fully evaluated. ITMA ASIA+CITME 2010 represents an important moment where comments and suggestions will help to have further implementation on Savio products. ITMA ASIA+CITME has now become an appointment which Savio cannot miss.
Also this year Savio will display its most important products both in the winding and the twisting segment: automatic winder model ORION, POLAR/I DLS “Link type” and the new SIRIUS Two-for-One twister. This machine underlines our constant engagement in R&D and in the continuous research for new solutions, which has distinguished Savio since 1911!


Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

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