ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 Preview (I)

Updated: 2010/6/7 13:59:00


As one of the leading companies in the nonwoven and textile industry, ANDRITZ Küsters and ANDRITZ Perfojet will introduce their latest developments in calender, wetlaid, spunlace, spunjet, and finishing equipment at ITMA Asia. Today, ANDRITZ can provide global solutions in thermal, chemical, and also in hydroentanglement processes. Thanks to its innovations and experience, ANDRITZ Küsters and ANDRITZ Perfojet form a competence center for nonwovens.

In the ANDRITZ nonwovens product range, customers have access to the Nexline spunlace technology, which combines the Jetlace® hydroentanglement system, the Nexaqua dewatering unit, the Perfodry through air dryer, and the Nexcal Twin embossing calender. All these units together offer producers the opportunity to enhance the performance of their spunlace lines, with high productivity and very attractive energy efficiency. One of ANDRITZ’s targets is to offer the right solution in terms of capacity, performance, configuration, and energy savings, while complying with the specifications from spunlace producers.

In the emerging countries, ANDRITZ is able to manufacture machines based on European design and quality standards at its Foshan plant in Guangdong province, while prompt, first-class service is provided by its Shanghai office. These advantages, plus an efficient solution with reliable equipment, enable customers to produce high-quality fabrics.

Based on a strong R&D program, ANDRITZ’s day-to-day work is oriented towards finding innovative and attractive solutions to satisfy its customers and bring turnkey lines onto the market to support activities by nonwovens producers.

ANDRITZ experts from Küsters and Perfojet look forward to presenting their combined technologies and customized process solutions in Hall E1, Booth A05.


Energy saving systems

The efficient use of natural resources and sustainability are issues the textile industry has to face, too. The technologically mature products of the BRÜCKNER group comprise also heat recovery systems (ECO-HEAT) and exhaust air cleaning systems (ECO-AIR). The purpose of the ECO-HEAT product family is first of all to save energy. To achieve this target, the energy potential of the polluted exhaust air is used to heat fresh air and/or fresh water via heat exchangers. Depending on the process it is possible to save up to 35 % of the energy and thus the production costs are significantly reduced. According to our experiences the investment costs pay back within very short time. The ECO-AIR product spectrum comprises electrostatic precipitators, scrubber systems and spray condensers, which can be combined with each other depending on the requirements. BRÜCKNER offers for this field a wide range of services such as reviewing the exhaust air situation, establishing a functional specification or analysing the energy potential. Consult our experienced technologists!

The latest stenter generation

The latest POWER-FRAME stenter generation has been developed with innovative ideas by the best technologists. The stenter meets the highest performance and quality requirements with a minimum of energy consumption.

The investment in a BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenter brings you many benefits such as:

-the best drying performance due to the patented SPLIT-FLOW air circulation system
-absolutely homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution
-extremely robust chains, chain rails, pin bar carriers and clips, needing only little maintenance
-exactly reproducible finishing results because of complete automation and recipe administration in the line

Optimised solutions for the finishing of woven fabric

The BRÜCKNER POWER-SHRINK compressive shrinking unit is the ideal solution for the finishing of woven fabric and denim. It comprises complete modules which can be tuned particularly to the customer´s requirements. POWER-SHRINK allows to achieve the best residual shrinkage due to the high-tech drive concept with traction measuring rollers; continuously constant shrinking values can be achieved thanks to the technologically sophisticated automatic shrinkage control system. A production output increase by 20-40% results from the optimised geometric conditions at the rubber belt unit.

Dyeing in continuous operation

The requirements for the dyeing processes with Pad-Dry / Thermosol lines are increasing, BRÜCKNER allows for these requirements with his latest generation of continuous dyeing lines. The target regarding the quality is a homogeneous, reproducible and migration-free dyeing of flat fabric over the length and the width for short and for long batches. The BRÜCKNER POWER-COLORTHERM hotflue dryer stands for an absolutely symmetrical large-volume air circulation system that provides for uniform dyeing. The large roller diameter and the flexible individual drives of all upper rollers ensure a crease-free, low-tension fabric passage. The POWER-INFRATHERM infrared dryer stands for maximum productivity and reproducibility. Thanks to the trapezoid shape and staggered arrangement of the burner elements the formation of stripes is prevented and a perfect overlapping of the radia

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