Mesdan fought with success its IPR rights at ITMA Asia – CITME 2010 exhibition (10/08/2010)

Updated: 2010/10/8 15:20:00

Following the stream of textile recovery, Mesdan of Italy is pleased to confirm an increasing demand in its product range which culminated during the ITMA Asia - CITME 2010 exhibition in Shanghai.

Mesdan was established in Italy in 1952, in a short time the company gained its international fame for the production of state-of-the-art yarn knotters. Nowadays, Mesdan is the leader on worldwide scale in the supply and development of yarn joining devices (splicers and knotters) in both automatic and hand-operated version. Due to their wide range of application, result consistency and versatility, Mesdan yarn joining techniques are nowadays recognized as the standard benchmark in the field of yarn splicing.
Mesdan splicers are an integral part of some most renowned automatic winders such as Savio from Italy and Jingwei group from China. Among many current models the most famous are:
- Jointair® 498Q, 690 and 698Q,
- Aquasplicer® 4924E and 4923Q,
- Hot Jointair® 4982 and 4983.
Mesdan company owns many patent rights, logo marks and trademarks registered in many countries, China and India included.

Due to its excellence in workmanship and innovations, Mesdan® yarn knotters & splicer and their spare parts have represented an attractive object of counterfeit for the past 20 years.
In order to better fight such illegal phenomenon, Mesdan launched in 2009 the “Spare parts Authenticity program”, a specific bar-code procedure enabling rapid product traceability and identification, as well as the special “Mesdan logo” marking of splicer crucial parts. These and other actions are meant to provide Mesdan clients with additional assurance that the products in their possession are genuine.

During the ITMA Asia - CITME 2010 exhibition in Shanghai, an efficient IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) office was set up at the exhibition ground. Among approximately 1.170 exhibitors from 28 countries who took part in this great event, the IPR office received 21 claims referred to IPR infringements.
Well, 8 out of 21 were submitted by Mesdan.
The claims were first carefully examined, then approved as legitimate and finally the IPR officers ordered to eight exhibitors the removal of the exhibits (splicers and related spare parts).
This action couldn’t have been really achieved without an objective assessment and the efficient assistance of the IPR office. Their professional behavior represents a good example of China’s efforts to implement international standards and “no-tolerance” rule in the field of industrial intellectual property rights, copyrights and patents.
We believe this experience might bring optimism to machinery manufacturers and confirms that China IPR rules do change at pace with its fast industry development.

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

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