SPINEXPO trends — “Interactions” SPINEXPO Autumn/Winter 2014/15 (05/30/2013)

Updated: 2013/5/30 14:43:00

As a theme for our trends at SPINEXPO, Evolutions became a very powerful message that created an intensity for all that visited. It raised many questions, and created a new energy that has remained long after the Spring/Summer show passed.

The most powerful of these reactions has been the desire we feel for people to join together and communicate about what they are feeling and where they want to go, taking part, and how people can connect and become part of a whole.

This evolved into our direction for Autumn Winter 2014/15, taking this desire to interact more and have it flow into all aspects of our creativity starting with colour and yarn.

As with Evolutions we continue to explore colour tonally. We feel colour should be used like a language to express ourselves. Colour is naturally linked to our deep emotions and how we make sense of the world, something we all see differently.

Everyone’s perception of colour develops uniquely based on their own influences of language, nationality, history, climate, age and culture. Today as we interact more around the world through travel and the Internet a new language is being created, a visual language that has its foundation in colour and fabric because we can communicate visually with no need for translation.

Colour is no longer directed by others or themes. It has become an individual choice based on our personal interactions. At SPINEXPO we have assembled new levels of colour that we feel are taking a direction with softer, richer hues, bathed in a positive glow of warmer tones and matched them to evolutions in yarns.

How we perceive a colour is dependent on the colours it interacts with, a lesson we should apply to all aspects of our lives to make us more successful, balanced and harmonious. These different lifestyle aspects and influences and how they interact have been explored in eight new colour levels, but how these levels and yarns are perceived and can interact together is up to you.

SPINEXPO New York will present a very complete seminar program: directions in trends, merchandising, sustainability, new concepts in knitwear, as well as new technology. The full program will be announced in our next newsletter.

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