Pure, Light, and Natural Characterize Spring/Summer 2014 Yarns (01/29/2013)

Updated: 2013/1/29 13:40:00

There is an "incredible lightness of being" about the new yarns on display at SPINEXPOTM for Spring/Summer 2014. From the noble fibres of cashmere, alpaca and mohair, to cotton, silk, and linen, yarns are spun ultra-fine with a soft, fresh, and clean touch. Many are developed with sustainability in mind.

At Topline (Ningbo), the novelty division of Consinee Group, the finest of linens are blended with hints of shimmer to create the gauziest of knitted fabrics. Cottons range from voile-like transparency to rounded and mercerized.

The "pride of lightness" is the central theme of Cariaggi´s spring collection, reflected in cashmere yarns "as thin as silk," as well as Belize cotton used on its own, or mixed with cashmere or vicuña. Linen and cashmere are combined in a unique yarn called Linum.

Japan Marusyo Hotta Company´s sophisticated fancy yarns include natural materials such as silk nep and linen, and paper yarns that are cool and light.

Filpucci´s cross-dyed cotton / nylon mouliné yarns create an impression of lightness; and their semi-worsted, fine-gauge yarns in 2/48 and 2/62 span the seasons in blends of silk/viscose, cotton/cashmere, and cotton/Modal/silk.

At UPW, spring’s collection of luxurious yarns includes fine, sheer linen blends and crisp corded linens, along with delicate summer cashmeres; while cottons are matte and dense.

Organic, natural, and recycled products are Everwin’s focus. These include organic and colored cottons, organic wool and hemp, linen and silk, cashmere and other animal fibres, the range of cellulosics, and other biodegradable products.

Everwin´s mélange processing technique—"dye first and spin after"— saves over 50% of water consumption compared to the traditional processing of spinning before dyeing.

Wuxi Shilead has embraced the “Better Cotton” initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of water and chemicals used to grow cotton, while improving social and economic benefits for cotton farmers. The price of Better Cotton is comparable to that of regular cotton, according to Shilead.

Zhejiang Springair Fibers describes its new concepts as “natural, green, and intelligent,” focusing on the natural fibers of silk, linen, and extra-fine wool, along with cellulosics, using environmental dyeing techniques.

At Zhong Ding Textile, new products include a high quality, “pure and clean” worsted cashmere; along with a low-pill hemp and cashmere blend.

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