Hebei: Garment Export Grew 9.1% in 2012 (02/26/2013)

Updated: 2013/2/26 15:08:00

According to Shijiangzhuang Customs, Hebei Province exported US$ 3.73 billion worth of garment and accessories in 2012, up 9.1% over 2011, registered a growth that is 5.5 percentage points higher than the average of all industries in Hebei Province.

In 2012, the export of garment and accessories by way of general trade amounted to US$ 2.95 billion, up 11.3%, accounting for 79% of the total; the export by way of processing trade stood as US$ 790 million, up 1.5%. The export from private firms amounted to US$ 2.93 billion, up 21.2%, accounting for 80% of the total; the export from foreign-funded firms amounted to US$ 700 million, down 20.7%, while the export from state-owned enterprises amounted to US$ 53.63 million, down 33.5%.

Fabric-made and fur garment are main export products of Hebei Province, with the export amounting to US$ 1.61 billion and US$ 1.04 billion respectively, up 7.3% and 23.5%, accounting for 72% of the total garment export value. The exports of other major items except for leather gloves all registered fast growth, especially fabric-made gloves and artificial leather garment, the export of which grew respectively 82.4% and 62.2%.

The export to Russia amounted to US$ 1.49 billion, up 24.8%, accounting for 40% of the total. The export to the United States and Japan stood respectively at US$ 560 million and US$ 180 million, up 3% and 6.2%. Shijianzhuang, the capital city, and Hengshui are main exporters in Hebei Province, with export amounting to respectively US$ 1.49 billion and US$ 1.22 billion, up 1.1% and 28%, accounting for 72.5% of the total export value.

Source: China Textile Leader

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