SPINEXPOTM: Growing in Scope Evolving in Sophistication(02/07/2013)

Updated: 2013/2/7 17:01:00

As SPINEXPOTM has evolved over the past decade, the spinners and vertical manufacturers who originally produced “on demand” for export to the West have become increasingly sophisticated, hiring internationally-trained designers and technicians, and sourcing raw materials from premier suppliers around the world.

Their in-house design teams now produce for a growing number of consumers in China, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia; developing their own brands, as well as targeting established brands in Western markets. In addition, they are cultivating a broader international image to enhance and communicate their products and message.

At Sailetto, an exhibitor in the Knitwear Pavilion, Alberto Aliverti feels that his “personal expertise of yarns and knitting techniques is an advantage for our buyers. We work from day zero of each collection together with them, exchanging opinions and information, especially regarding yarns to be used as well as marketing information we may have.” Aliverti promises “some interesting garments which could attract the expert eyes of the buyers: complicated stitch, knitwear and silk or leather used together, difficult prints, or special finishing.”

GTIG Huabo, one of China’s largest vertical textile operations, will also be a part of the Knitwear Pavilion. “Through the professional and high-level design of our booth and the whole packaging, we present and advertise our brand and products through each detail in a more favorable and acceptable way,” said a spokesperson.

“We will present our products and capability of knitwear, aiming at exploring the new market and customers, and serving our current customers. We consider it’s a most beneficial mode to provide our customer with an integrated supply chain service, from yarn to knitwear.”

Presently including Beijing EN Fashion, Chunxue Cashmere, GTIG Huabo, Shanghai Pipigou Woolen Textile, Prosperity (Shanghai) Clothing Manufacture, Qiyang Sanhua Fashion Knitting, Trumode International, Shanghai Xinnuo, and coming from Hong Kong, Brilliant Global, Sailetto China, Timing Industrial and Yorkmass, the new pavilion will also offer color, knitwear, and market trends for Spring/Summer 2014.

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

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