SPINEXPOTM Trend Area completes the overlook of Spring/Summer 2014 innovations (01/31/2013)

Updated: 2013/1/31 15:13:00

Of Nature’s Yellows…”
a youthful renewal of interest in nature and the outdoors, as we react to the speed of the digital age. This part of the trends concentrates on powdery touch, rustic luxury, multilayering, geometrical surfaces.
"Of ecological greens…”
turning urban wasteland into parks, realizing that the quality of our lives is reflected in the quality of the surroundings. Here, we speak of natural fibres, summer tweeds, organic structures, micro-patterns.
"Of cultural blues…”

creating new spaces that are part of a collective yet allows for each individual to be unique on an urban scale, at work, school or home, transcending all cultural aspects from the arts to sports. This part is targeting watery impressions, luster, athletic influences, linear and worn away looks, granular and marled, with laddered contours.

"Of digital neutrals…”
as the boundaries between what is real and what is digital are blurred, we seek a softer and more tactile relationship with technology. This is translated with focus on transparency, soft metallics, perforated mesh and origami folds.
"Of homely browns…’
how we use our homes and environment is changing rapidly to accommodate multi-generation family living, live work spaces and more socializing at home. Global lifestyles have to work together in harmony, combining ancient and technological skills for the new artisan.
This is all about papery finishes, sandy textures, crafted constructions and refined rusticity.
"Of ceremonial oranges…”
a need to live or move in groups has gained in importance. No longer defined by heritage, instead creating new clans and tribes that are defined by interests and experiences, our commonality expressed by whom we are not where we are from!
This is rendered by fluid drape, burnished shimmer, blurring and graphic statements.
"Of romantic pinks…”
Blurring the boundaries of gender in looks and roles celebrates the floral and feminine along with the mystical and romantic. This blurring has also evolved between East and West as their cultures haves influenced and now combine.
This part combines gossamer softness, delicate lace, decoration and painterly effects.

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

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