Analysis on the Import & Export of China Textile Machinery Industry in 2010 (06/07/2011)

Updated: 2011/6/7 10:25:00

Aggregate import and export value of China textile machinery industry in 2010 reached 6.059 billion USD, rising by 59.04 percent year-on-year. Of which, export turnover was 1.757 billion USD, increasing by 45.07 percent from the previous year with growth velocity surging 73.67 percentage points. Import turnover was 4.302 billion USD, rising by 65.54 percent year-on-year with growth velocity surging 97.8 percentage points.

Impacted by the bettering domestic market demand, the upward tendency of import outpaced export by 19.78 percentage points.

Import rose by 65.54 percent

According to the statistics from China´s Customs, 4.302 billion USD of textile machinery were imported in 2010. Knitting machinery secured the No.1 position with 1.019 billion USD of knitting machinery imported, rising by 19.92 percent year-on-year. Proportionally, the imported value of knitting machinery accounted for 23.69 percent of overall imported value, scaling down nine percentage points year-on-year.

Table 1. Textile machinery import 2010 by category


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