Assemble Academic Intelligence and Stimulate Textile Innovation (05/11/2011)

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China Textile Academic Conference 2011(CTAC 2011), organized by China Textile Engineering Society under the sponsorship of China Association for Science and Technology and China National Textile and Apparel Council, will be held in Shanghai from October 20 to 22, 2011 with the aim of promoting textile scientific research and academic exchanges, nurturing and encouraging the development of emerging industries.

CTAC 2011 will be held under the slogan: Assemble Academic Intelligence and Stimulate Textile Innovation, with Guiding Practice with Theory and Experience as the prime goal. It will serve as a cross-industry and cross-discipline communication platform through which outstanding scientific achievements could be made widespread, more renowned scholars and experts of textile industry be known and more scientific achievements be commercialized and industrialized.


Modern textile science, technology and industrial techniques never ceased striding forward in an era of knowledge explosion. Since the beginning of the 21st century, disciplinary intercrossing, integration and extension of textile science have branched out multitudes of new subjects and subareas. In recent years, the cross with material science, life science and information science has significantly broadened the scope of textile industry forming a situation of multidimensional development. The integration with material science in particular has laid the foundation for a brand new industry making textile industry a conventional industry with strategically important burgeoning sector.

Food supply will be getting stringent with global population grows at an exponential speed (According to the forecast released by the UN in January 2009, world population will be reaching 9.2 billion by the year 2050). The whole world will soon be confronted with severe natural fiber supply shortage problem. Regenerated fibers that rely on cotton, wood pulp and synthetic fibers that derived from crude oil will run out someday(Research conducted by the economists of University of California Davis indicated that oil and gas resources will be exhausted by 2050). For the next forty years, the whole textile industry will be challenged with an unprecedented raw material shortage problem. The seek and development of alternative resources as well as new materials will present to the global textile industry as a long-term mission that requires coordinated strategic cooperation.


CTAC 2011 is a combined gala of textile academic research and industrial practice with experts from colleges, research institutions and technologically-intensive enterprises as major attendees, both home and abroad. The conference will also present as a communication platform for theorists, decision-makers and textile practitioners.

Academic Exchange
The Theme of CTAC 2011 will be Material Science and Modern Textile Industry, featuring four highlighted topics including Fundamental Research of Material Science, Technical Textiles, Alternative/Recyclable Materials, High-performance and Functional Materials. The conference will include plenary meeting, special topic lectures, poster presentations and themed forum. Renowned scholars from China and overseas universities will be invited to do academic reports.
Papers are welcome and a special "Outstanding Paper Award" will be set to encourage academic excellence. High-quality papers will be included and published in the CTAC 2011 Theses Collection which will be sent to CPCI and other international searching authorities applying for inclusion.

Awarding Ceremony for Academic Achievements
- CTAC Grand Award. 1~2 winners with 100,000 RMB each
- CTAC Award for Academic Leaders. 5~8 winners with 10,000 RMB each
- CTAC Award for Outstanding Papers. 10~15 papers.

Academic Achievement Incubation and Hi-tech Company fostering Forum
Expert Report
- Case study: successful incubation of academic achievements
- Intellectual property right and patent protection
- Special fund application, including the application for National Natural Science Fund, National Torch Program, and etc.
- Hi-tech company accreditation and definition, including how hi-tech companies are gauged, accredited and what preferential policies could hi-tech companies enjoy.

Achievement Release and Exchange
- Release of academic achievements
- Exchange between scholars and enterprises

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

ISSN 1003-3025 CN11-1714/TS