CNTAC: Set Forward the Chinese Textile Industry in the Future 10 Years for Internationalization (10/24/2011)

Updated: 2011/10/24 11:22:00

Mr. Wang Tiankai, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council(CNTAC), said on Sep. 20th that the Chinese textile enterprises fell far behind in term of international marketing channels. This backward situation seriously weakened the international competitiveness of Chinese textile industry and we would powerfully set forward the process for internationalization.

Mr. Wang, in a conference for awarding "Prize for Innovation Fruits of National Textile Industrial Management", said that the period of the coming ten years was a key time that Chinese textile industry would develop from a large textile country to a powerful one and the internationalized textile industry would be the most important link. However, the internationalization of the textile industry was not matured and the process was still slow.

"A powerful textile industry is absolutely impossible in case the door is closed and the domestic enterprises have to compete internationally if they want to develop into a huge power", emphasized by Mr. Wang and he said a powerful textile country would be strongly supported by top brands, talents of ability, superb marketing capability, high R&D capacity and the well-arranged resource layout. Some domestic leading enterprises were aggressive in developed countries for their sales, but the results were not satisfactory. "Generally speaking, it attributes to very backward internationalized marketing channels and the capability was low."

Mr. Wang pointed out that China would firmly support the domestic textile enterprises in their pace into the world and, with experiences and lessons, helped the enterprises with their active and steady enhancement of globalized competitiveness and their high ability of globalized resource layout.

Source: China Textile Leader

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