Volume Dropped and Price Rose (10/24/2011)

Updated: 2011/10/24 11:21:00

-- China´s Export of Home-textiles from Jan. to July

From Jan. to Jul. of this year, China exported household textiles of US$ 11,270 millions, increasing 13.3%, the export growth dropped compared with the same period of last year by around 14 percetages. The export of household textiles dropped 4.9% in volume, but the average export prices rose by 19.2%. In details, the export of other decorative products dropped sharply in volume by 17.9% and the average export prices of towel products and other upholstery products speedily rose, respectively by 24.5% and 29.3%. The export prices of other categorized household textiles increased over 14% on average.

The speedy growth in export to USA last year almost halted. From Jan. to Jul. of this year, the export of household textiles to USA remained at a low level with export value of US$ 3,010 millions, increasing slightly by 1.4%; The export to EU kept a steady growth to a value of US$ 2,150 millions, up 11.8%; after the earthquake, the export to Japan increased sharply to a value of US$ 1,510 millions, up 33.5%. Back to the same period of last year, the growth rate of export to USA, EU and Japan was respectively 33.3%, 25% and 2.7%. It is not hard to see that the export to USA is not optimized, especially the peak of export to USA in the second half of last year will effect negative growth in case of the present situation; the export to EU remain unchanged in recent years, the growth rate speeded up last year, but keeps steady growth this year and Japan has been the most steady market and was not volatile one in recent years. Affected by some factors, reconstruction after the earthquake for example, the export to Japan sharply increases and it is estimated that such a trend will remain to the end of this year.

Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai and Guangdong are the top five regions for the export. Their export values keep growing and growths are basically balanced, between 10% and 19%. Other regions like Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Henan and Tianjin also speedily increase their export values with growth respectively by 25% or more.

Source: China Textile Leader

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

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