Eight Great Projects Guiding Textile Industry in Hubei to Restructuring for Upgrade (11/08/2011)

Updated: 2011/11/8 10:08:00

Recently, 8 new projects for technical advancement, clothing brand promotion and technical textiles were selected as part of 100 significant industrial restructuring and upgrading projects rolling through the period of "12th Five-year Plan" in Hubei Province.

It is learned that these new projects enjoy priority in development as encouraged by China and play a strong supporting role in layout and optimization of textile industry in Hubei with high level technology, advanced machinery and equipment, considerable added values and distinct benefits.

The projects which will soon be started include:

(1) CNY 200 million invested by Mailyard in production line for new style garment-oriented fabrics of 3 million meters annually, with "embedded spinning" technology, enabling worsted to be higher than Nm 300 and raising then the added value of suit made by the company;

(2) CNY 750 million invested by LPV Sports in production buildings, utilities and equipment for sportswear with LINING brand of 67 million pieces annually;

(3) CNY 260 million invested by Jin´an in technical advancement for cotton manufacturing equipment in the whole process for high grade combed knitting yarns of 12,000 tons annually;

(4) CNY 130 million invested by Jingshan Weijia in production capacity for compact spinning with newly-increased 50,000 spindles;

(5) CNY 120 million invested by Jingzhou Jiaye in technical advancement for 12 sets of dyeing and printing machines, pre-treatment equipment and sewage treatment facilities, and additional domestically-advanced new equipment for extended clean dyeing and printing processing;

(6) CNY 1,105 million invested by Zhijiang Allmed in newly-established cluster for production of medical textiles with beauty skin care of 150 million pieces annually and special yarn of 12,000 tons with auxiliary projects;

(7) CNY 320 million invested by XinFa in 6 production lines for multifunctional composite non-woven fabrics, the new center for the promotion of non-woven fabric production, 6 labs, 1 testing center and 60 pieces (sets) of audio-visual equipment, so training 1,000 persons /times, testing 10,000 sampled products and providing 1,500 information services annually;

(8) CNY 250 million invested by Gold Dragon in the third phase of the project for production of high-grade non-woven fabrics of 15,000 tons annually. Through a number of significant industrial restructuring and upgrading projects, Hubei Province optimizes investment structure and regional industrial layout, ensures sustainable industrial development, promotes industrial restructuring for upgrade and heightens the level of new type industrialization. In the meanwhile, Hubei Province draws up 10 measures, for example, to ensure a coordinated advance mechanism, optimize investment circumstances, guarantee the essential elements and enhance coordination among the projects for speedy progress of restructuring for upgrade.

Source: China Textile Leader

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

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