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Operation of Garment Industry in January to May

2020/7/31 10:02:22

The economic operation of garment industry in January-May is as follows: Production According to the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to May, the garment production of enterprises above designated size in garment industry totaled 7.31 billion pieces, declining by 17.91% year-on-year. Its d…

The Year-End Exports Target for Technical Textile Products is 2 Billion USD

2020/7/29 13:34:06

Turkey’s investments in R&D and innovation for ‘technical textiles’ products, which has a global export volume amounting to 107 billion US Dollars in world markets, continues unabated. Moreover, Turkey’s ‘technical textiles‘ export volume is expected to go over 2 billion US Dollars until th…

China’s Technical Textile Industry Reports Drastic Profit Increase

2020/7/29 11:01:54

China’s technical textile industry has witnessed a significant increase in production, sales, profits and exports during the first five months of the year, due to soaring demand caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, official data showed. Profits of technical textile companies with annual revenues of more…

Industrial Value-added of China’s Textile Industry Increased by 3.2% in June

2020/7/29 10:58:43

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in June, China’s value-added industrial output above designated size actually increased by 4.8% year-on-year (the growth rate hereinafter refers to price-adjusted actual growth rate), 0.4 percentage points faster than May. It edged up 1.30% from the pr…


2020/7/27 10:32:01

The index of orders intake for Italian textile machinery, as compiled by ACIMIT, fell by 47% for the period April-June 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, with orders falling both abroad and in Italy. A 44% decrease in orders was recorded on foreign markets, whereas the domestic market showed …

Unity is strength:The Swiss Textile Machinery Association has been crisis-proof for 80 years

2020/7/23 14:47:42

When an organization reaches its 80th anniversary, there is a strong chance that it has survived several crises over those years. In the case of Swiss Textile Machinery, the association was actually born out of a crisis situation. Looking back over its history today inspires optimism that current and…

Oerlikon Barmag: Largest single industrial yarn order

2020/7/23 14:29:51

Textile yarn manufacturer Fujian Billion kicks off industrial yarn production And the new Oerlikon Barmag systems at Fujian Billion will also be used to manufacture yarns for the automotive sector. From the end of this year, the southern Chinese yarn manufacturer Fujian Billion Polymerization Technol…

Mask production: Nothing runs without textile machinery

2020/7/23 14:19:41

Protective masks, everyday masks, disinfecting wipes and surgical gowns are goods in demand in times of corona. In their manufacture, textile machines are at the beginning of the production chain. The production of the textile raw material is the first step of the usually multi-stage production proc…

Prosperity Index of China Cotton Textile Industry Declined in May

2020/7/17 10:25:30

The prosperity index of China’s cotton textile industry came in at 47.85 in May, its decrease narrower than that of previous month. In May, the raw material purchasing index came in at 49.41, up 3.74 over April; the raw material inventory index came in at 48.65, up 1.2 month-on-month; the production…

Operation of Technical Textile Industry in January to April

2020/7/17 10:23:56

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the industrial value-added growth rate of technical textiles reached 33.8% from January to April 2020, seeing a year-on-year increase of 26.1 percentage points, and a month-on-month increase of 22.3 percentage points. Enterprises above the designated si…
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