Economic Operation: China´s Textile Industry Run Steadily in General

2011/11/24 10:15:00

The Statistics Center of China National Textile and Apparel CouncilUp to now this year, Chinese textile industry showed a basically steady operation in general, but affected by the fact that the prices of cotton and other raw materials fluctuated considerably, RMB appreciated in exchange rate, funds …

Operation of China´s Cotton Textile Economy in Jan. – Aug., 2011

2011/11/7 10:17:00

According to National Bureau of Statistics of China, medium- and large-sized yarn spinners in China produced 18.342 million tons of yarn in January-August period of 2011, up 11.50% year-on-year; meanwhile, weaving mills produced 39.02 billion meters of fabric, up 13.63% year-on-year.Yarn and Fabric M…

Development Priority of China´s Man-made Fiber Industry in the 12th Five-year Plan

2011/10/13 10:05:00

---An Interview with Mr. Duan Xiaoping, Chairman of China Chemical Fibers AssociationThrough the brilliant period of 11th Five-year Plan, China´s man-made fiber industry has achieved the benefits at the highest level. In reply to the questions as to how and what to develop in the coming fiv…

Import and Export of Textile Machinery in China

2011/9/26 13:47:00

Growth rate of import and export of textile machinery slightly slowed down in the first half of 2011. According to the statistics from China Customs, from Jan. to Jun. of 2011, the total accumulated export value amounted to US$ 3,856 millions, increasing by 44.89% over the same period last year, of w…

Shandong Textile Industry Maps out Plan for Next Five Years

2011/9/8 10:43:00

The textile industry in Shandong Province, a major textile production region in China, recently has announced its 12th Five-year Plan, setting development target for the next five years.Targets: (1) Firstly, the textile industry strives for a stable and fast development. It targets to increase the a…

Economic Operation Analysis of China´s Technical Textile Production in the First Half of 2011

2011/8/19 10:12:00

In the first half of 2011, the operation of technical textile industry in China continued steadily on the basis of a good start in the first season. Production, investment, sales and foreign trade were growing in a smooth way. However, raw materials, labor costs and interest rates limited the develop…

Operation Performance of China Textile Machinery Industry in Q1, 2011

2011/6/20 10:18:00

Aggregate sales of China textile industry over the first quarter of 2011 reached 21.482 billion RMB, up 38.54 percent from the precedent year. Overall import & export reached $1.104 billion USD, rising by 49.12 percent year-on-year. There are 680 companies engaging in textile machinery busine…

Operation Performance of China Textile Industry in Q1, 2011

2011/6/2 10:07:00

China´s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has raised the bar on the calibration of above-scale companies. The threshold of above-scale company definitions rose from annual sales of five million RMB to twenty million RMB. Changes after the adjustment:For the first quarter of 20…

Operation Performance of China Cotton Textile Industry: January ~ February, 2011

2011/5/16 13:33:00

Output of yarns and fabrics saw double-digit growthAccording to the statistics from China´s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), yarn output of above-scale companies over the first two months of 2011 reached 3.939 million tons, rising by 15.28 percent year-on-year and fabrics output in the …

ICAC: Record High Price Led to Record High Cotton Output 2011/12

2011/4/8 10:22:00

Global plantation area of cotton in 2011/12 will rise by 7percent from the precedent year reaching 36 million hectares, which hit the record high level in the recent 17 years, according to a recent report released by ICAC (International Cotton Advisory Committee). This is perceived as a direct conseq…
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